the circle has no end

The circle has no end

Whirling is all existence in a circle, in a frenzied daze they dance
In it a message whispering, to yourself you must return if you wish to advance

Silence the noise, a word with yourself you should seek
Hear the speech of silence, with each turn the speech shall be unique

They dance not alone, they pull all in their range
For the reminiscent of their beloved they cannot estrange

He who penned the circle penned it because it has no end
He wished for them to know that time they shall all transcend

The moon circles the earth and the earth the sun
This movement by none in existence can be shun

Even the Kaaba has ordained this magical dance
So past the illusion of ending they may glance

O mankind return to yourself and then where your being begun
Extinguish the candle for it is meaningless in the light of the sun


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