Silenced: it began with pain

Silenced: It began with pain

My wish to fly has been hindered by the loss of my wing
Remedy me not, for I have been humbled before the king

Shattered before Him I bow in the ecstasy of pleasure
Oblivious you were oh soul in the ruins of shattering you should find this treasure

Seduced and drunk I have become with the wine of His awe
A seduction that can only be found in vision of my flaw

Let me not become sober again oh ruler of my soul
let me be the fuel of burning, as is the coal

Sobriety from this drunkenness is the real intoxication
It is naught but a descent from this heavenly station

So take not from me what you have given me freely
Cut my other wing if need be, though I may love it dearly

Let it though happen within Your sight
Let me feel through it the splendor of Your might

If they suffice not, take with it my soul, spirit and heart
But before Your two hands I plead, let me not fall from this beauty apart

Through this nothingness stemmed the blossoms of my new being
If only they knew that which in my annihilation I am seeing

Silenced I have been by this undeserved generosity
Silence is all I can offer, silence, for silence is all there can be

In silence I plea, I plea, a tree you let this blossom come to be

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