Difficulty with ease

Difficulty with ease

The wayfarer knows that with every difficulty there is ease
So every opportunity of pain and suffering he wishes to seize

He holds on during the storm of wounds so he may grow
He knows the thunder and lightning pass with rain, so life they may sow

Coming from the dark, a small light is all you need to see
Similarly the darkness of pain will render you from this world free

What greater ease is there than to not be in need
What greater pleasure is there than being from your own prison freed

After conquering a mountain how painless does a steep road seem
How easy is crossing a river after fighting against a stream

Do not be fooled my friend by difficulty’s delusion
It is the fever of the world that has caused this confusion

How close is their friendship, one another they do not cheat
If you wish to find one, the other you must also meet

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