Blink of Life

Blink of Life
Blink of life

Remember o heart that this life shall pass as lightening  in a storm
Once it is passes you shall take on another form

You will be left in awe at the speed in which it passed by
Upon the blink of your life’s eye you will need to prepare to die

The lightening is but a small part of this great storm of being
You will be forced to meet that from which you are fleeing

This world is worth as much as what with yourself you can take
Far is not the time when from this slumber, empty handed you shall wake

Your hands shall be empty of the material wealth you have earned
But they shall be full of all the self and ego you have burned

Occupy yourself before the eye opens with this salvaging burning
With each burn your eyes shall become more discerning

Once it opens, this world, not your soul you shall lay to rest
It is only polite to give the host ease after leaving as a guest

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