myth of my love

Myth of my love

You have left me in the wilderness of myself alone
A self, whose self I no longer own

Linger I shall in the coldness of separation for which there are no cures
Linger I shall till you come to claim that which is yours

I will be a bridge imprisoned so you may walk over me  just one time
I have drowned in your love and now I shall pay for this crime

I will suffer a thousand years of storm so your smell I may scent
Through its turbulence your memory in my heart I shall cement

It matters not anymore if this love you return
it suffices me that in your love to ashes I burn

I will be the cloud that yearns to rain on your drought
Perhaps then my love you will no longer doubt

I will be the light with the darkness of  night I shall fight
In this turmoil in your memory I shall write, I shall write

In this pen I shall pour the ink of my heart
In the pain of these lines from my soul I shall part

A time will come when you shall read the myth of my love
Alas a time when I can only watch you from above

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